⚠️CMS Load Duplicating Items

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We are currently integrating the Finsweet solution for an internal project and have encountered a couple of challenges. Despite having a total of 75 items in our collection, the ‘load more’ function appears to be duplicating many of these items. As a result, the displayed result count stands at 141 items, instead of the expected 75.

Furthermore, we have observed noticeable lag on the particular page subsequent to the addition of the Finsweet solution.

Your guidance on these matters would be immensely appreciated. We aim for seamless functionality and believe your expertise can help us achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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hey @Sachin_Aathreyaa! It seems you have added the CMS Load script twice to your page!

Please check your site settings and page settings and remove one of these. This should fix your issues!