Duplicated items with CMS Load

Hi! It seems I’m not the only one and in my case it also doesn’t seem to be a cache issue.

I’m getting duplicated items when using the CMS Load attribute:

Here the production link:

Any idea why this is happening?

Hey @baldium.com! This normally happens when we have a duplicated script, can you please verify there is no duplication anywhere?

Hi @Support-Luis
I’ve checked and rechecked, but I can’t find a duplicated script. Would you please take a look?


I found a possible bug, it seems that the Sweet Text script is triggering the flashing of content. Can you remove and test, please?

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You are absolutely right! Thank you!

I’ll change the structure to avoid the sweet text script. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was having a similar problem and removing the Sweet Text script also seemed to work for me. But @Support-Luis, is there no way to make Sweet Text work when there are filters on the site? I’m using Sweet Text in my design, and I’ve already had to make significant adjustments to my design since I’m also not able to use animations with CMS Load. Thanks for any help you can provide.

@Support-Luis I’m also seeing duplicated pages with CMS load but don’t have duplicated scripts. It’s only duplicating the first paginated page in this list on this page which is odd. Notarize a Document From Anywhere in The World - Notarize

Hey @madewithrelish! Sweet Text has been reworked for some time into what is now Powerful Rich Text in our Attributes library!

This should work even with filters on the page, however, is you face any issues please open a thread and I’ll take a look!

Hey @alexpearl! Can you share a screenshot or more info? I do not see any duplicates on my end :thinking: