CMS Load + pagination = SEO on Google issues?

Hello FS team !

I’m using on the same page for 150+ CMS items :

CMS Filter
CMS Static to Collection List
CMS Load

  • fs-cmsload-mode = pagination

I’m facing a 10% desindexing pages in Google Search Console just after implementing this solution.

I was previously using normal webflow pagination.

In your opinion, having all CMS item loading in the same page affect the crawling of Google robots ?

If i’m looking to DIGIDOP’blog for example, they using normal pagination and articles does rank on Google (Blog No-code & Webflow : Actus, Tutos, Documentations | Digidop)

Any thoughts ? Advices ?

Hey! Can you try uploading your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console?

Let me know if this fixes your issue!

Hello @Support-Luis yes i’ve already have my sitemap on Google search, the website is 1 year old and i’m focusing on growing the number of indexing pages on Google.

When i say that i lost 10% is on all the website (i lost 55 ranking pages).

I just wonder if when Google bots scrawl the page, as every pages load on the same page (with CMS Load), is this a potential problem for indexing pages in Google ?

Thanks a lot