SEO Issue with CMS Load

Hey there,

We have recently had to switch our directories pagination from CMS load to Webflow native pagination, which has subsequently broken our CMS Filter (it can only filter whats on the current page).

The reason for switching was due to GSC not indexing/rendering all of the pages in our collection list when using CMS Load.

Is this a known issue/something that has been fixed? Any ideas on what we can do to have CMS Load again but ensure Google Indexes everything (I don’t want to use Render All as it’s not very perfomant when we have over 1000 items)

Hey @isaac!

You could try adding rel=nofollow to the Next and Previous buttons and submit your sitemap.xmlto Google Search Console so the bots can still discover the Collection Items from there.

Hey Luis,

Bit unsure how this would help as this will tell Google not to follow these links at all. Can you elaborate?