CMS Nest attribute now working

Hi Team

I have set up everything for Finsweet Nest. I have nest 4 collection items and all are not visible here.

I also ran Attributes Automated Support Service and it showing that I have not linked CMS nest item to its template page while in Webflow you can see its linked properly.

Hey @ankita! You seem to be missing the link to the current item in your parent collection. Can you add it to your collection’s items and test it again?

Ideally, this link would be a direct child of the item element. So a hidden text link or a link block as an item wrapper is great!

Hey @Support-Luis Luis, View case study button is the direct link to the template.


The issue was that the template pages were password-protected so the script couldn’t fetch the items for each element. Removing the password protection has solved the issue.