Cms nest is not working sometimes

Hey, i am using attributes and love it. But sometimes my tags that i integrated with cms nest are not appearing on my site:

how it should look:

after a few refreshes:

i disabled the caching but it is not helping. Do you know, what can causing this problem? is it the order or loading scripts?

Link: Blog

Hey @Chris1! Can you share a read-only?

Nevermind! I found the issue, when we use both CMS Tabs and CMS Nest the list may be moved into the tabs before the items are nested as they should.

It is a simple fix, we need to use this script for CMS Tabs

<!-- [Attributes by Finsweet] CMS Tabs -->

Then we’ll need initialize it after CMS Nest is done with this.

  window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
    (listInstances) => {
      console.log('cmsnest Successfully loaded!');

      const [listInstance] = listInstances;