CMS Nest not working! Help Please

Hello I’ve just joined bc I cant figure out what im doing wrong setting up my CMS nest… following along using this walkthrough

thought i had done everything but when i publish it doesnt work… could you plz assist?

here is my site so far…

My general aim is for each chair to have a designer, decade, and country link that you can click to see all chairs within that collection… am i on the right path using cms nest to achieve this???

I cannot code whatsoever so plz be very clear with your explanation for how to solve this…

Let me know if I can help with anything else…

Thanks a million,

Hey @conormckiernan! You seem to be missing the link to the current item. Here is another tutorial that explains perfectly all the setup steps.

You should be able to get it working with no issues!

Thanks Luis,

I was able to set up that link to the current chair as shown in the tutorial you shared.

Now I have a new problem… Its now showing all the designers under every chair and I only want to show the designer(s) specific to the current chair.

I tried adding a filter to the chairs collection list that the designer equal the current designer but “equal” is unavailable; only “contains” and “is set” are available… Is that because designer is set as multi-reference in the CMS?

How do I nest the designer name specific to each chair without showing all designers in the cms?

Thanks again for your help,

Hey @conormckiernan! On your template page, be sure you are adding the reference field collection list. Not the original collection.

On the template page, you should be able to only see the items associated with the parent item. Not the complete list.

You can share a read-only and I’ll take a look

@Support-Luis here is a link: Webflow - Conor's Fabulous Furniture Reference CMS Test

Thanks again for the help!

Than you! I’ve attached two screenshots so you can see the correct collection to add and how it should look like!

  1. These are the reference fields for this particular collection

  2. You can see, after selecting the “Categories” reference field we only have two collection items compared to the list we previously had.

Let me know how it goes! :muscle:

Thank you Luis! I was able to get it to display just the single designer on the template page!

HOWEVER, when I repeated the process for the country tags it now displays all the countries again (rather than just country for the current chair)… I thought I had repeated the process exactly…

Is this because Country is a CMS Collection and not a multi reference collection? Why would that matter?

I will also want a similar tag to display for the Decade CMS Collection for the current chair…

Thanks again for your continued assistance!

Hey @conormckiernan! That is correct, in any case, you would need to link the Country field to any text element like in the image below.

Which turns into this

CMS Nest works for multi-reference lists only as we provide a solution for the limit of 5 items per nested list.

As you are using a single reference field you can link it directly to your item card with the same process as above

Let me know if this makes sense! :muscle:

Thank you @Support-Luis I am making slow but steady progress…

My newest nest issue is that injecting the nested Categories CMS only works if I place the div above the other nested reference Designer CMS list… when I move the div anywhere below the Designer CMS list it doesnt work anymore… How can I have the Designer CMS list first (above the chair name) and leave the Categories div where it is now???

Hey @conormckiernan! We have an issue with the CMS Nest script where it assumes the first link element found on the parent collection list item element is the one to the current item needed to fetch the corresponding nested elements.

Moving your nested collection up means the first link the script sees is the link to the current designer, breaking the implementation.

You can add a hidden text link as the first child of the collection item and then move your target div wherever you’d like.

This issue has been addressed for V2, you’ll be able to specify the link element… more info on this as soon as we release V2 :wink: