Collection list not loading fully

Hi all,
I published the website of my client at the end of last year, and ever since he is getting reports that the list of classic cars he’s selling, isnt’ showing fully. I can’t reproduce it, at my computer it’s been loading fine, but he says he has stumbled into the problem himself too. So my problem is from hearsay…

More details: it’s a collection list of about 500 classic cars, and the Collectible page shows 3 categories: ‘for sale’, ‘expected’ and ‘sold’. The ‘for sale’ category is shown at load.

The collection list has the following attributes:

  • fs-cmsfilter-element: list
  • fs-cmsload-element: list
  • fs-cmsload-mode: load-under
  • fs-cmssort-element: list
  • fs-cmsload-cache: false

I further on loaded CMS Filter, CMS Load, Range Slider, CMS Sort and CMS Tabs inside the Head tag.

I first thought it was caused by the infinite scrolling option, so changed it to load under. After that thought it might be a caching problem, so added the last line, but it doesn’t do the trick. Hope someone can help me, since my debugging skills aren’t sufficient… Cheers.

Here’s the read-only link

Hey @GalaxySurfer! I am afraid I cannot reproduce on my end, I see the whole collection list loaded as it should.

From the 519 items, 10 are saved as drafts so they will not show, I consistently get a result of 509 items.

You can check by adding this snippet

  window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
    (listInstances) => {
      console.log('cmsload Successfully loaded!');

      const [listInstance] = listInstances;
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Hi Luis,

Thanks for your quick answer. I was afraid of that answer :slight_smile:
I have a results counter at the bottom of the filters, and it is always giving me the number of the collection list minus the drafts…

So forgive me for asking, but where should I put the snippet and where I can I see the log? In the inspector?

Besides the technical solution, I was thinking of a UX modification, putting this counter out of the Filter dropdown, so it’s always visible, maybe added by tags of any filters users have used. So if people get fewer results, they can see they’ve narrowed down a selection or have a loading problem (and make a screenshot for me…).


Sorry @GalaxySurfer! The snippet should be added to the </body> part of the custom code settings. And yes, the result will be logged onto the console in the inspect panel.

But it is the same value that the native Items Count option will display. So yes, moving the “Showing x out of x items” is a good idea.

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Thanks again Luis. Will do, all the best.

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