Combine Table of content with Lenis scroll smoother

Hi guys, do you know if the Table of Content’s attribute is compatible with Lenis’ scroll smoother library?

It seems that if we combine both on the page, the anchor system breaks.

So I decided to remove my scroll smoother but it’s a pitty for just one page.

Hey! I do recall some issues with Lenis scroll but I can’t remember which Attribute exactly. If you could share a link I’ll see if we an incorporate it for the Table of Contents.

Thank you Luis, here’s a quick recap:

Website link:

Preview link: Webflow - Transfo.Cloud

Hey! Can you publish with the Lenis scroll working?

Just in case we can’t get it to work I wanted to show that we use style="scroll-behavior: smooth;" on the html sitewide for Attributes. And works perfect with ToC.