Table of Contents smooth scroll


It seems like the TOC script adds
style="scroll-behavior: smooth; to the <html> tag, which then does exactly what it says: it makes the scrolling behavior smooth for links generated in the TOC.

But in a project, I have other anchor related links. On pages without TOC they work as desired, but on pages with the TOC script their behavior becomes jittery or jerky. When clicked, the scroll kicks in, but it kind of builds up, almost as if it were held back by something, is then “released” and scrolls normally to the top (for example).

When I remove the style from the html tag in the Inspector, the anchor links starts behaving normal again, but then the smooth scrolling is completely gone from the TOC.

How can I achieve that all #anchor links scroll smooth, regardless if I set them manually on the page or if they are inside the TOC?

Thanks and sunny greetings :desert_island::sunglasses:

Hey @Marc! Could you share a link? We might be able to find a workaround to ensure everything scrolls smoothly