Table of contents not anchor linking

Hello I am having trouble getting the TOC table to work. Right now the links just shoot me straight back up the page instead of going to the correct sections. And the TOC h2s are generating text sitting ontop of the link wrappers.

This is how my links are structured

And this is how my content structured

As you can see I just wanna make it so the user anchor links to just the main chapters of H2’s

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My read only link

My live site

Hey @chrsdesigns! The Attributes setup looks correct, can you test copy-pasting the structure from the example into your project?

Ok it looks like I did and the examples is not working either.

Do you know what could be causing this?

Sorry! I meant for you to add the structure and style it as needed. This table is working as expected so far with the anchor linking but there seem to be two content instances and it is not 100% working as it should

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 12.19.25

Could you please be a bit more specific? I thought I styled everything correctly? There migh be two instances becasue you told me copy paste the example? Can you share a screen shot of what this might look like in the webflow designer? Thank you!

Sure! So this is what I meant, to test this you should remove the Rich Text element from the example and place your content div like in the image below.

You should also remove the current Table of Contents set up so you are only left with the table from the docs but with your content.

Ok It works but it does not slide up or down it just jumps

Could you record a loom on this issue? It seems to slide down on my end.