Table of contents not working properly

Hey there. It seems like the Table of contents solution on my Blog Template page is not working properly. It’s built as the example and I’ve built this solution before, but now when I click on the first H2, the next H2 is becoming active. The same happens for other H2 also. I tried to use the offsettop option, but it’s not fixing the problem. Maybe the headings in the rich text are too close to each other?

Here is a read only link: Webflow - Copy of Ahaplay

Thank you!

Hey @stanvision! Can you share a live link?

Hey @Support-Luis, here is the live link: Merkle's Transformative Monthly Themes Initiative | Ahaplay


Hey @stanvision! I am afraid this is an issue with how Webflow sets the current state of the link. We use this to style the table headings as needed.

We have open tickets where we are trying to fix this. I’ll update if a fix arrives soon.