[Feature request] Masonry grid

There are quite a few masonry scripts around, such as the Refokus masonry script that works very well with Webflow and uses Attributes for its setup.

Unfortunately, all those scripts fail to work with what we all use: FS Attributes CMS Load, CMS Filter… I worked with Refokus to solve this but they said it’s not possible, I also worked with @Support-Luis here but the result wasn’t working for me and Luis, I don’t want to abuse your time with custom coding anymore :slight_smile: We abandoned the masonry grid for this project for the time being. ¹

¹ Although @Support-Luis if you want us to resume the work and publish a solution for all, I volunteer to create a simple sandbox that we can work on.

The feature request

A masonry solution for FS Attributes, that would work with CMS Filter, Load, Combine, and Nest. With an option for the order to be vertical or horizontal. And with no extra parameter needed like the Refokus one: it would use the layout as defined on the Collection-list.

Hey @vincent! I have forwarded this to the team, thanks for the suggestion!

It is up to you if you want to move forward with a solution for the masonry layout. Please let me know if we need to work on it :slight_smile: