Mansonry grid that will work with CMS Filter

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a Masonry grid solution that will work with CMS Filters. I tried using various scripts but none of them are working with CMS filters.

Published site:

Hey @Shreya! I am afraid there are some conflicts with the Masonry scripts. Which script are you using?

Hey @Support-Luis, I’m using the script from Refokus. Here is the link

This is how it looks when used alongside CMS Filters: SwachhXchange

Try text column for a masonry

@Shreya I am afraid the Refokus script will not work. You can try what @aardigamsterdam is suggesting but I have not seen this use case before.

Thanks @Support-Luis & @aardigamsterdam. There were some problems with text columns but I was able to solve them.

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