Results of CMS Filter stop showing up if I'm using the Refokus Masonry library

I have a working CMS Filter-ed Collection List. Radio filters work, Search field works, and Clear button (All) works too.

I want to use a masonry method on that list. I’m using Refokus Masonry library.

The Masonry library works, on initial load. But if I use the filters, the results aren’t showing up.

I have published URLs and Read-only link ready to share in PM because there’s an NDA on the project.

Hey @vincent! Feel free to DM me the links so I can take a look at it :slight_smile:

I’m having the same thing happen with CMS Combine… It’s sounding to me like Finsweet needs to make a dope masonry attribute :heart_eyes: I believe it’ll be heavily used.

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