Filter 'All' Troubleshooting / Flickering

Hey guys, having some trouble with filter ‘all’. I have the actual filtering ‘all’ working correctly, just need some help with the active styling staying active when it’s not. Another thing is when it filters, i’m getting a flicker on load. Explainer loom here. Read only link here. Thank you for the help.

Hey, @alexpearl I am no expert but I was having a similar flash issue. Here is the Slack thread I had with @josephmukunga a couple of months ago, if it helps or at least points you in the right direction: Slack

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Thanks @aaronfrydo for the help. @alexpearl, please do let me know if this helps

Hey @aaronfrydo, thanks I’ll check this out.

@josephmukunga Could you still take a look at the filter ‘all’ not working in my project? It filters for all but will stay ‘active’ (appearance, not actually) when you go to another filter

@alexpearl , ensure that the All button group name is similar to the other filters group name. At the moment it has the group name Radio while the rest have the group name Radio 4

@alexpearl, you can also check this guide on how to setup the All button.

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@Support-Luis @josephmukunga Thank you both for the suggestions, I know have that part working. As for the flickering, it’s still happening unfortatenly ; I checked out the slack link and tested it but it’s not really my use case since my list is visible always. Here is my page link if you have time to check it out, [pw: selectstar]

@alexpearl you have the script added twice to the page, check your page settings for the duplicated script and please remove one of them

Bingo! I should have looked at what the previous people did in the site settings. Thanks for finding that Luis. Very thankful

You are welcome Alex!

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