Filter doesn't work on other pages

I have built a custom search filter that I put in the header nav. It searches for multiple collection lists. I have made sure that it has an instance of “…element-3” so that it won’t interfere with filters on other pages.

However, it only works on the page I built it for. Anyone can figure out why? Help would be appreciated.

Example on page where it doesn’t work: Pricing 2 - Air Conditioning 128

Example on page where it works : Blog - Air Conditioning 128

Read link webflow project:


Also, will it be a problem to put this into a component and re-use like I want to on multiple pages or does it require anything custom?

Hey @simon.sjodin! You are missing the CMS Filter script on the other pages. Inn this case it would be beneficial to place the script in your project settings instead of the page settings.

The solution should also work even if you add is as a component to other pages, as long as you have the script :wink:

Of course, silly me… :man_facepalming:
thanks again Luis.

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