Filter not working

Hi, I think I’m losing my mind trying to set up this filter. I’ve gone through the steps multiple times, and still, the filter does not seem to be working. Does anyone see what I might have missed? Articles

Hey @Susan_MacPhee! Can you please share a read-only? I see some empty nested collections there and would like to take a look at the setup[…]&pageId=65e77fa9e4fab4861efc33a8&locale=en&workflow=preview

I’ve worked with Eve Kayser
on this and he asked me to reach out to you. So here we are!

couple of factors. These are 2 a nested collections pulling from a multi reference field. The client wants to multi reference terms to the blog post, so this is pulling from a multi reference field. I don’t see an option to use “posts” as the source, just the 2 multi reference fields in within the post CMS.

Also, I only want to list Blog Articles in this filter, so at the top, I’ve filtered the main collection list so the news does not list on this page. Strangely, I get “Type of Post Category is Deleted…”

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 12.04.10 PM

I decided to with not using multi reference fields pulling from main CMS and now it’s working better. Articles

Hey @Susan_MacPhee! I see the setup is different now, and the filtering seems to be working with the 2 available articles.

Let me know if you’d like to revert to the multi-reference field and I’ll help you set it up :slight_smile: