Filtering doubles CMS items

I was reasonably sure I saw a similar topic somewhere before but couldn’t track it down. I’m filtering with a combo box/cms select and a group of checkboxes. My collection list is being doubled on page load — the list appears correctly without any filters set but then appears doubled up when a filter is added. I also have a hidden CMS library feeding the CMS Select that could be having the same problem but it’s more difficult to tell.



Thanks for any help!

I’m leaving the de-bug solution here in case anyone else experiences something similar:

I had previously added CMS Load cdn to the site settings — then on the new page I mistakenly added the CMS load cdn to the page settings as well.

FWIW, I hadn’t opened the Custom Code candy before and this was really helpful when that thought finally clicked. Thanks for this!

Hey @foley.patrick.gerard! Thanks for sharing the solution!

Whenever possible I recommend only adding the scripts to only the pages that will require the solution to avoid any script duplication that causes this exact issue.