Filters - Search - Duplicates items

Hi @Support-Luis,

We have the filters in our resources page with different categories, load more, and a search input.

Every filter and the load more works perfect, however, when we use the “Search” input the results show as duplicates. I did a bit of research and this happens when the script is added twice, however, that isn’t our case, and if it were the duplicates would happen with all filters not just the search I think.

I can’t seem to find the reason why the “Search” input generate duplicated results, could you please help?

Live page.
Read only.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @info6! Is there any other code on the page? I see a flicker when filtering the list this usually indicates the filtering is done twice by a single action.

I believe the script is being loaded twice even if it is only added once to the page :thinking: