Finsweet product/tool that extends Webflow's CMS capabalities

Hi, I am curious if either Wized or CMS Bridge will extend Webflow’s CMS capabilities.

I am specifically looking for a tool that will allow us to create more collection lists, the limit is currently at 50 and we need more, as well as well as extend the 10k collection item limit.

I am also curious if we can use Airtable as our database where we can manage the content and either Wized or CMS Bridge will sync in real-time with Webflow. And would the data managed through Airtable be SEO friendly as well once rendered onto Webflow?


Hey @erg! Webflow’s CMS limits can not be modified by any tool.

However, you can fetch more items from any database you’d like. CMS Bridge will sync Airtable up until you hit Webflow limits. Wized will not face this problem as your limits will be Airtables or Xano’s.

Wized will be able to fetch the data on each page load, thus keeping the site up to date always. I am not sure how CMS Bridge will work just yet.

You should contact Wized Support as they will have a way better answer than me.