How to : developer-starter & variable env (API Key, etc...)?

Hello everyone,

I am a huge fan of the work done by Finsweet, especially the technical series offered by Alex, which inspire me to level up in development :raised_hands::rocket:

For some time now, I’ve been using the developer-starter template on GitHub. Everything is perfect for 99% of my projects and needs (often GSAP, Swiper, and other libraries setup).

However, I’m currently working on a project with more sensitive datas: endpoints and API keys.

For cleanliness and security reasons, I would like to hide these datas.

After some search, the most viable solution seems to be dotenv and an environment that contains all the variables.

I saw that the gitignore was even already set up to include the .env

I tried to set it up (pnpm i dotenv) however, I can’t seem to get it to work on my side : path, os, crypto missing, require() issues… (or maybe some other… I’m not formally trained as a developer :grimacing:).

My question is simple:

  • has anyone managed to get dotenv to work with developer-starter?
    If so, is it possible to get a quick process guide?
    If not, what are the alternatives to explore for hiding my sensitive data?

Thanks in advance for your feedback :pray:

Hey @clement! We are doing a technical AMA with Alex tomorrow and I believe this is a perfect question for him to answer!

You can see the event her → Calendar | Finsweet+