How to remove a CMS item's page position in the CMSList instance

I have functionality that lets a user save a CMS item and have it appear on their Account page (using Memberstack).

But say they save 7 items:

  • 3 from page 1
  • 3 from page 2
  • and 1 from page 3

…and say my pagination is set to display 20 items on their account page, well the account page will in fact mirror how the items were saved.

So instead of displaying all 7 items on page 1 (given the limit of 20), it will create 3 pages and display 3 items on page 1, 3 items on page 2 and 1 item on page 3.

I believe this is due to CMS Load remembering the page positions of each item and displaying them as such on the account page.

Would this be the case, and if so how can I unlink the CMS items from their page positions, on the account page?

Here’s the preview link to the site: Webflow - Great Ads

hey @v11! Have you had any progress on this issue?

Not fixed the actual issue, but I think I have an acceptable workaround

hey @Support-Luis

Coming back to this one as the workaround I had really isn’t ideal now I have more CMS items.

Here’s a video, the issue is it’s taking a long time to load all the saved items in a user’s account.

Can you think of anything that could speed this up? Could the CMS Core API help?

I have this setup so that when a user initially saves an item, its ID is stored in Memberstack. Then in the user’s account I retrieve the stored IDs and I have a copy of the entire CMS Collection with all its items hidden apart from the stored IDs. This is how they are displayed.

But the issue is that the stored items seem to be retrieved one page at a time (see my initial explanation above). So if a user saves something from page 10 for ex, it seems to have to go through all the pages and all the CMS items to get to page 10 to retrieve it.

Would really appreciate your thoughts on this! Or even pointing me in the right direction to troubleshoot myself.

Here’s the preview URL: Webflow - Great Ads


hey @v11! I see you have CMS Load already setup, we can try to change the load mode to render-all instead of infinite, items will be cached by default to improve the page load time the next time the user loads the page.

Apart from that I see you have the speed boost enabled so Attributes wise I think we have the optimal setup.

thanks dude