Modal appearance error

Hello, I am using the Finsweet Library + Modals on this site:

Under the heading “Test prep your way.”, the Tutors modal is set to auto scroll. When the modal is opened, it automatically scrolls to the bottom of the content. This doesn’t happen when I test the modal in Webflow.

Previously I changed the modal from JS to IX2 and this resolved the issue, but it seems to be happening again, even with the IX2 version. I can’t figure out why this is happening and would greatly appreciate any insight you might have. Thank you!

Hi @Support-Luis , are you also available to help with this item? Thank you! :pray:

Hey @ashley! Same issue as the other post the link is not valid could you share it again?

@Support-Luis apologies, we transferred the site to get ready for the launch. Here is the updated link, thank you!

It’s likely happening due to some height calculation issue in Chrome when we are mixing overflow:auto content scroll inside the modal.

The flow of browser rendering currently seems to be:
1. Modal goes from display none to flex
2. Browser is loading the content
3. Then figuring out that the height of the content is greater than what it can accomodate
4. Adds a scroll and jumps to the end position

We don’t know why it is jumping to the bottom scroll position - we tried different height and scroll context options on different possible elements, but they didn’t work.

Hey @ashley! The issue seems to be caused by the link at the bottom, here is a quick video showing the issue and how it disappears if we remove the link entirely.

We are checking if there is something we can do from our end to prevent the scroll.

@Support-Luis that is so interesting! Thank you for helping us to figure out what’s causing the issue! I look forward to hearing if you have any suggestions to prevent the scroll, and I’ll also try some further troubleshooting on my end. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Support-Luis , did you have any updates from your team about preventing this scroll? In the meantime we are moving the links to the top of the modal. Thanks!

Hey @ashley! I’m afraid there is no update for you just yet. We are tackling some other issues at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience :smile: