Multi-reference field & CMS Filter

I am attempting to filter by dress size (a multi-reference field) so I began to implement the CMS Nest and keep coming up with errors in the automated support tool.

any help would be much appreciated. Not sure what I am missing.

hey @brian! I do not see the collection on your template page. Can you please add it?

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sorry, I think it’s wrapped in a hide div. let me move the reference collection out of that. Can you check now?

Still no, I am referring to the Bridal Live - Product Template page of your build. Unless you are using CMS Nest option #2?

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ahh, that i did not add. OMG i cant believe that lol. Is there a way to apply a filter so that only the size that is referenced by the product is shown / filtered? Maybe I did this backwards

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Yes, this is actually an important step. You need to select the multi-reference field as the collection when adding it to your template page.

You should only see the sizes for that particular item.

This collection requires another link to the current item so don’t forget it! :wink:

Luis, again thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it. Is there a way to not have the sizes show under the product that is being filtered?

You can display: none the parent div with the tags, they do not need to be visible

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