Multiple instances of a table of contents attributes

Hey y’all!

I’ve got a blog layout I’m working on with columns that change upon scroll with a sticky element on the side and aesthically speaking, it looks much nicer for this build to have two instances of the Table of Contents that appear at different parts of the scroll.

My only issue is it looks like there’s no way of linking a “contents” element to two seperate “link” elements.

I had assumed I would just give the same rich text element two different attribute titles like “contents, contents-5” and then linking the links seperately as "link and “link-5” but it always has one work and not the other. is there a way around this?

a milllion thanks in advance

Hey @carlo.k! I’m afraid you can not use two tables for one Rich Text instance.

You can have multiple Rich Texts with their own table.