Powerful Rich Text + Table of Contents

Hi, I have a rich text element in my CMS that has only one Heading class (H1). I made it an H2 with powerful rich text.

There are ordered list items that I’d like to be able to target with a toc. I’m able to give them the style of H6 using powerful rich text and that works just fine, BUT I can’t seem to target them. I even tried making them H3 instead since that would be next in the heirarchy and that didn’t work either.

Here’s a read-only link Webflow - Enable-bio

In this screenshot, “1. USE OF THE SERVICES…” should be a target for an anchor link since it is now an H3 element using powerful rich text

Lastly, your forum is looking pretty buggy, here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing right now

Hey @jakeschlegel86! I am taking a look at your issue, I will get back to you once I have a fix for this.

Thank you for showing me the buggy UI, I will pass it on to the team so we can fix it as soon as possible.

@jakeschlegel86, I see you’ve fixed the issue with [fs-toc-h#]. If there is any other issue you are facing please let me know.

I’ve also submitted the bug report to the team. If you find any other issue please let me know.