Table of Contents only loads H2 Headlines on Blog Page, no H3, H4, etc


For a blog Blog Posts CMS Collection Template Page, I want to generate a table of content consisting of headlines from two Richt Text Elements.

Page structure is:

  1. TOC 1 [fs-toc-element = link-1] + TOC 2 [fs-toc-element = link-2]

  2. Blog Post Body 1 (Richtext Element) [fs-toc-element = contents-1]

  3. CTA Element

  4. Blog Post Body 2 (Richtext Element) [fs-toc-element = contents-2]

I added the following attributes:

Still, only the H2s get added to the TOC. All sub-headings (h3, h4, h5) do not show up.

It probably has something to do with the Post Body coming from a Collection List Item. When using static text pm the page, things work fine.

According to the Automated Support Service, things were set up correctly. I can provide a view-only link via DM.


Hi Matthias,
can you provide the read-only link?

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Hello @Matthias, this is a known issue that we are looking into. Could you please share your published site link it will greatly help in implementing the solution

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Shared via DM.


Hello @josephmukunga ,
I have the same issue. Do you know if there is a solution or workaround please?

Hey @Pierre_Vandekerckhov I am afraid there is no current solution for this. A bug report has been opened