Please Help! GraphQL / API question

(This stuff is all over my head…so forgive me in advance for not properly knowing the lingo/language)

I am trying to land a website build/re-design project for a car dealership that uses a service called HomeNet to manage their inventory. Currently, their website is run on a BigCommerce site. In BigCommerce, Graph QL runs an API script to fetch the data from a subdomain and populate the CMS fields (through an FTP request, maybe??).

I’m looking to 1) Confirm that this can be done in a Webflow build and 2) Guidance on how I would go about creating a solution

Any/all insight would be greatly appreciated.

Casey Murphy

Hey @MurphyDotMedia!

This can definitely be done in Webflow using either the Webflow CMS API or even the CMS Load API to fetch the external data.

Please do let me know if you have any questions! :muscle: