CMS items listing based on location

Does anyone know if it’s possible to build something like this in Webflow? The user inputs their location and CMS items closest to this address lists from a CMS collection? Equinox | Find a Club Has anyone built something like this before? Thank you so much for your insights!

Hey @Susan_MacPhee! I see Jeremy has already shared a possible solution in the Slack channel. Pleas let me know if this approach works as you need!

Thanks. I think I need a little more to the recipe. “yeah i think the google api match with filters to CMS will work the best. as long as the google input reads as text it should be able to match up the search with existing items” Do we use this and somehow the items of the CMS will match up? Assuming we are using CMS filters which I already have a lot of experience in.

For instance, should I add a CMS collection of all US States? We also have 2 locations in Canada and one day world-wide. :soccer: :soccer: