Unable to get CMS Tabs + CMS Filters to work

I’m trying to use CMS Tabs + CMS Filters to run on a page. I’ve run the ?fs-attributes-support=true on the page and everything appears to be set up correctly. The page is currently showing 0 results of 0 items.

How can I combine these two?

Hey @fpeyerl! You’ll need to delay one of the scripts, can you share a link and I’ll show you how to do this?

Here’s the page that currently has both of them on there - Current page

Hi Support-Luis,
I just wanted to follow up on this issue to see if you could share a solution for using the two on the same page.


Hey @fpeyerl sorry for the delay! Can you please change the CMS filter script to this?

<!-- [Attributes by Finsweet] CMS Filter -->

And then add this to the </body> section of the custom code

  window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
    (listInstances) => {
      console.log('cmstabs Successfully loaded!');


Thanks! @Support-Luis I tried adding both of those, but sadly there is no change. The filtering does not seem to do anything.

Currently, filtering is set using the search field using the

and the title filed in the text box in the collection list using:

There is another script that is part of the page to ensure the tab automatically plays the next video when it finishes and causes the Tab title to scroll to the top when clicked.

Hey @fpeyerl! If you could please record a video of the desired operation I’d greatly appreciate it.

This desired operation is still not too clear to me…

Hi @Support-Luis,
Here’s a short video of what we’re hoping to accomplish.


Hey @fpeyerl! Thanks for the video! I’m afraid we will not be able to filter the tab-links as you are looking to.

This happens because the tabs are not part of a collection list and we can not filter static elements as is. We can try setting it up with the CMS Element Attribute and try again.

This will not be a limitation on Attributes V2, but we are still working on it for the release. If you can wait for this release, I recommend setting this up with V2.

Thanks for looking. What’s the timeline for V2?

We are finishing some details and hope to release in the coming weeks :slight_smile:

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