Using CMS Filter for AND logic, rather than just OR / Filter only results that include ALL selected tags

I’m new to Attributes and I’m using CMS Filter. I need it filter x AND y, rather than x OR y, if this makes sense. How can I pull this off?
Specific example:

I offer Web Design, Development, Photography, and Advertising services.

I want people browsing my work to be able to filter projects where BOTH Web Design AND Development services were provided, rather than the results showing any project where either service was provided.

Going further, I serve multiple industries and do different types of work related. I currently have the following Tags set up in my CMS items: web design, development, photography, video, advertising, product, ecommerce, automotive, real estate, travel.

I would like for users to be able to filter any combination, but only show results which include EVERY selected tag.

Ex: if I built a site for AirBnB, I might tag the project: real estate, web design, development, photography, travel. If this is the only project which includes ALL of these 5 tags, it should be the only one that shows up.

Luis was able to resolve this for me in the Slack! Just need to use the “Match” Option, which is a bit further down the Filters documentation.

I completely missed this Forum post! I am sorry haha but thanks for updating it with the answer!

I’ll just add the documentation screenshot :wink:

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