What do I name this lol

I don’t know if this is a valuable post, but I’m struggling with naming a specific thing. I’ve reviewed the Core Structure > section_[section-identifier] Docs and I’m still not sure if I’m overthinking this element.

Right now the element is called .section_container and its purpose is to be the container/wrapper/background of almost every section, to avoid recreating this look for every .section_ since it’d be redundant.

calling it .background-color-[identifier] wouldn’t be useful cause there’s so much more to it than just changing the color. It’s transparent, it has a blur, it has shadows, and when the user swaps to dark mode, it gets the class .is-dark.

So that’s where my brain just stops. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to call it? Or should I just leave it as .section_container?

Hello @Keithen , here are a few suggestion from chatGPT

  1. .section_background: This name emphasizes the element’s purpose as a background container for sections. It retains the original naming convention but adds clarity.
  2. .section_wrapper: This name suggests that the element serves as a wrapper around sections. It implies that it provides a common structure or layout for multiple sections.
  3. .section_overlay: If the element has a transparent or semi-transparent background with blur and shadows, this name could reflect its overlay-like appearance.
  4. .section_themeable: This name suggests that the element is designed to be easily customized or themed based on color schemes, modes, and other visual attributes.
  5. .section_frame: This name conveys the idea of the element as a frame or border that surrounds and enhances the sections it contains.

This are all perfect! Thank you for the suggestions and help, it has been beautiful!

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