Who knows what for animation.esm.js is used?

Because of GDPR we host all finsweet javascript libraries on a local server. But there appears one library in the sources I can’t figure out where it’s used on our site:


It appears on all pages an I can’t remember having it implemented. It’s also not used in the global custom code sections.

Here’s the website: https://www.ipdynamics.de/

Hey @johannes.widmer the animations esm package is used across a few Attributes like Modal, CMS Filter or CMS Load.

Hi @Support-Luis, many thanks for your answer! Do you see any risks when hosting all scripts and references on a local server? For example if FS updates a functionality etc.

@johannes.widmer not a risk per se but if an update for an Attribute is released you’ll need to manually update the script on your end instead of having the fix automatically applied.

Keep in mind the @1 in the script tag allows us to push updates to solutions without requiring users to update script tags. If something breaks with CMS Nest, we can push a fix to all CMS Nest implementations.