After applying CMS Load, Ahrefs told me i got many Orphan pages

I used ahrefs to scan my site and it advises error with many orphan pages. The reason is that I have a Blog listing page, and it is suppose to link to many blog page. After I applied with CMS Load script and set up, the scanner sees i have many orphan pages and these pages are actually not link to the Blog Listing Page.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

  • I want to make sure the bot (robot) sees all blog pages are not orphan page (and linked to Listing Page).
  • And I want to use CMS load at the same time to have pagination.

hey @mike7, you could try to add rel=nofollow to the Next and Previous buttons and submit your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console so the bots can still discover the Collection Items from there.