Beginner "Action" tutorial troubleshoot: template item not duplicating and content not replacing

I am trying to follow the beginner tutorial on Actions, he creates an Action called Render list, chooses the Attribute to target, and then sets the Configurators to Render List at 2:53. Then he chooses an array, is the choice of the array at random?

Then he chooses the variable called Iterator and saves. At 3:18 he re-renders the canvas and the template item gets duplicated several times. I tried following the tutorial but mine is not duplicating, even through the data is pulling in from a table in Airtable with several entries. I understand the render list creates a loop but why is it not working?

And then at 3:29 he creates an Action for the heading field he wants to change and selects the attribute and chooses the setting Set text, chooses text type as Plain text, and selects the field to obtain the text for the heading, replacing the number by the iterator variable. He rerenders the canvas and it works. In my case it did nothing, my text field is {{r.2.d[v.iterator][“Nome completo”]}}. Why is it now working?

I tried doing these steps with two templates, one is attached to a CMS collection and the other isn’t it made no difference, nothing is working, please take a look. Thanks

This is the webflow read only [link]
(Webflow - Copy of Clube de Ténis)

Hey @info13! I’m afraid I can not give Wized support yet :frowning:

Can you reach out to the team at their Discord channel? → Wized

Thank you!

Hi Luis, I am getting help from Nelson on the discord channel. But he takes so long to get back to me. It’s been three days since this last correspondence. At this rate I will take a very, very long time to learn Wized. Is there another way or channel where I can get help faster?

@info13 I’m afraid the Discord server is the only Wized support channel at the moment.

I’m sure Nelson will reply soon, please keep in mind he is in another timezone :slight_smile: