Class Adder, LoadMore Pagination, and HTML: Preserve State of Class Adder additions?


I’m building a “light mode” for a site using Class Adder, and it’s working great, but I am hoping that someone might be able to help me make it better.

The mode is activated by a target switch, and works perfectly on the page that you’re currently on. But the client would love to see this state change (light mode) on every page that they go to, without having to re-activate the light mode switch.

Also: One page in question has pagination of a Collection List, and the other pages in the pagination revert back to “dark mode” when you click the “next” & “previous” buttons. I thought that perhaps the underlying ajax-y-ness of the Loadmore Pagination Attribute might help, and it does in some ways, but there are still items in the List that are outside of the Class Adder functionality. If I go to light mode on these pages as well, I can “prev-next” with the classes changed, but not without this extra switching of modes. Like so:

The share-only is here: Webflow - Millennium Sales Portal Prototype

Thank you in advance, all!