CMS filter 2 divided blocks and give results without change in layout logic

hi everyone, I have an issue with filtering

I need to separate blog with another section (CTA), I used Finsweet filter and this code for separating the results into 2 blocks, but filter doesnt see the second block

let container1Count = 0;
let container2Count = 0;

$(".af-blogs__list__item").each(function(index) {
  let cmsItem = $(this);

  if (index < 6) {
  } else {
    cmsItem.appendTo($(".blogs__list--second")); // Change af-blog__list to blogs__list

if (container2Count > 0) {
  $(".blogs__list--second").show(); // Show the second container
</script> ```

if you have any advice or examples, I'd really appreciate it

hey @olha.mazuryk! Can you share your links please?