Cms Filter Search Bug

Whenever we type ? in any finsweet search bar. Search stopped working on however we tried to reload the page.

Does anyone figure out a solution for this issue?


Hey @Taabish! This happens because CMS Filter needs an exact match between the search fields. I believe only one of your items has this symbol that is preceded by a word.

For this to work the user should sear for smoother? and a result will show

The problem occur in all projects even we haven’t added "? " in any of the filtering item.

Here is how it behaves

when we type “?” the whole search thing got stuck then we type another word it wont work.
can you tell me how to solve the problem?

Hey @Taabish! This should not be an issue for Filter V2. We are very close to releasing this.

Keep tuned for the release date! :muscle: