CMS Load items not displayed properly on mobile

Hey everyone!
I have a problem with my CMS LOAD.
I added the Reset Interactions on my Collection List (fs-cmsload-resetix=true) because the interations on the newly displayed items were not functioning properly. It worked like a charm when I did, problem solved.
But 24 hours later, with no further modification on the website, it started glitching on the mobile version of the website: when one clicks “load more” at the end of the collection list, then most of the collection list items disappear. It still works fine on the desktop version though.

I tried restoring backups, started from scratch, but I can’t get the Reset Interactions function to work properly on mobile now. Newly displayed items just mess everything up when clicking ‘Load More’.

Do you have any idea where this is coming from please?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the link

Hey @pierrickcambuzat! Please check that you are not using initial states for the mobile interactions as these will be reset to their initial state by the Attribute and break them.

You can simulate the Initial State by using effects instead :slight_smile:

Hey Luis!, thanks for your kind answer!
So it partially solved the problem.
I got rid of the initial states of my interactions and now the new displayed items show up on on mobile, so it’s progress (though I had to additionally get rid of the ‘scroll into view’ Slide In interaction which is a bit of a bummer).
But now all items have a weird mirroring effect of the main image if you tap on them on mobile. Any idea where that might be coming from?
Many thanks!!

Great to hear we are almost there! :muscle:

Can you share a published link? I’ll take a look

thank you @Support-Luis !

Hey @pierrickcambuzat! Interesting I see the issue… however, I believe this has to come from the interaction settings as it is also happening on the site preview where Attributes do not work.

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You’re right! The mobile version had a 2D&3D Transform on the the card wrapper for the Pressed state. Brilliant, many thanks for the awesome support @Support-Luis !

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You are welcome! Happy to hear everything is back in order! :raised_hands:

One last question if you don’t mind: I had to get rid of the ‘scroll into view’ Slide In interaction too, so the Attributes would work correctly. It’s a bummer cause it was nice. And I can’t quite simulate it with a scroll into view interaction with no initial state. Any idea how I could work this out please?

Thanks a lot!

We do offer some animations if you’d like to check them out.

Otherwise some custom JS, with the API, you can add any animation you want :slight_smile:

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So I added the Attributes of Animation and Time to the list, but it only works for the newly displayed items. Also, it triggers the animation for all the items all at once, instead of one by one when they are sliding into view. anything I’m doing wrong here, or I just can’t get that to work as a Slide In animation with an initial state?

Many thanks!

I’m afraid this only triggers for all at once :frowning:

Have you tried removing the initial state or simulating it with the effects?

If not, custom JS might be the best/more direct way to go.

ok I’ll give that a try then. thanks a lot for your help @Support-Luis !

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