CMS Load-under Attribute

Hello! I applied the load and load-under attributes to a collection list, and it worked just fine until I styled the Next and Previous buttons and applied hover effects. After that the load-under doesn’t work anymore, and it goes back to just jumping to page 2 of the items list instead of loading under. Is that a bug or am I missing something?

And: I have a hover effect on an element inside of a cms item. And that effect does not work on items that load after I klick “load more”. In those additionally loaded items the element displays the hovered state, not the default state. How can I fix this?

Hey @frank_fienbork! can you please share your read-only and live links? :slight_smile:

@frank_fienbork For the interactions you should use the fs-cmsload-resetix = true attribute, this will reset the interactions on newly rendered items. I must warn you about the initial states, which I see you are using. This setting will break any interactions with initial states and they will appear “stuck”, please simulate this state with effects in the style tab.

I am having a difficult time debugging your site as it appears to be super laggy on my end, can you please record a quick loom on the behavior?

Hi @Support-Luis Here’s the Loom: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
What do you mean by “simulate this state with effects in the style tab”?

I think he means to create the effect in the styling panel instead of using interactions.

@frank_fienbork, sorry what Jake said is correct. Your interactions should not have initial states.

On the Load-under issue, you are only loading 12 items to the page, the button disappears when you load the next set of items as there are no more items to be rendered. The link of this button will always be ?cd6a9fe9_page=2 but this is intended and will not break the Attribute solution.

Thanks, Luis. I know there are only 12 items, but the issue I tried to describe was: When I style the next button, the functionality of load-under breaks entirely, meaning: I click “load more” and the page only shows the remaining 4 items and not the previous 8 items. So it goes back to just “load more” instead of “load under”. But how can the functionality be influenced by the style of the button?
And what about the lagging? Did you see the video?

My bad, I completely misunderstood your issue. Styling the button should not affect the “load under” functionality at all. Please style your button and let me know to further debug.

Also yes, I did see your video and I am afraid the page does not behave like that at all on my end. (I can’t even record a Loom to show you, I am on a 2016 MacBook Pro running Chrome’s latest version)