CMS Load Under Content not visible

I have CMS load set up on my site, and it says it is setup properly here. But, when I hit load more, the additional content is not visible. They are taking up space the links are populating but the cards are hidden. Any ideas on why this bug might be happening?

Hey @accounting, think it’s because you’ve added the fs-cmsload-mode=load-under attribute to the button rather than the list.

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Thank you @yogdog!

Thanks, I moved the attribute to the list element! Unfortunately, it is still not showing the correct content, although the additional items appear to be clickable. Any ideas on why these are linked properly and taking up space, but the card elements are not populating visually? @Support-Luis

After further inspection, these items show up after i inspect the page in tablet mode, but prior to that it seems like the opacity is somehow being set to zero?

hey @accounting! Do you have any interactions for the list items? If so, you can add this Attribute to the list element. Just make sure to not use initial states in any interaction on the page as this will break them.