CMS Nest - Tag Link should not be clickable

Hi there!

I can‘t seem to make this work. In nested the Blog Tags via CMS nest multiple times into my blogs collection list. I used Setup option 1 — Fetch CMS items for that. Works perfectly. What I can‘t seem to figure out is how to make those tags not clickable. If I click on a tag it leads me to the blank Template Page of the Blog Tags List.

Is there a way how those tags are not clickable?

As its a customer project, I am unfortunately not allowed to post read only links in here. :confused:

Any recommendations are appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey! “In the Collection List, it is required to have a link that is connected to the CMS Template page.” But I don’t think it is required that the link is visible. Could you wrap the link in a div, and have the hidden link inside, and just text block that is visible?

Hello @team1, you can add the link to the tags as an element and hide the element

Thank you! That worked :slight_smile: