Code Highlight solution suddenly isn't working anymore

I’ve implemented a code-highlight solution and it was working just fine until a few days ago until it suddenly stopped working entirely.

Here’s what the automated support service is saying after running the check on the page.

And here’s what the embedded code looks like in the CMS

I’m not sure what has gone wrong here as it was working just fine earlier. Any help would be highly appreciated!

hey @niranjay_30! can you share a link?

Sure, @Support-Luis!

Here’s the staging link:
And the preview link:

Just adding a note here:

I’ve recognised one more thing upon debugging a bit more myself. When I empty the cache, the code gets highlighted but upon reloading the page or coming back from another page, it will not highlight it anymore.

So maybe something to do with the cache?

Hey @niranjay_30, I can see it also sometimes works on my end. I will open a bug report so the team can have a look at this

Thank you @Support-Luis! In the meantime, is there any other solution that I can implement for this use case as this project is live and the client would like to have that functionality anyways?

@niranjay_30 there seems to be an issue with the refokus rich-text-enhancer script. What does this script do? Can we maybe delay its load?

Thanks @Support-Luis for pointing it out. Seems like that was it. I was using it to highlight certain parts of the rich text. Replaced it with something else and now everything seems to be working just fine. Thanks once again!

Great to hear! Cheers!

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