Filter function ( toggle issue... )

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently in the process of developing a filter function on my website but for some reason, my toggle not filtering as expected. I’ve detailed the steps I’ve taken below in the hope that someone might be able to pinpoint where the issue lies.

Firstly, I added 'fs-cmsfilter-field=“value” to my toggle att.

Subsequently, I added 'fs-cmsfilter-field=“value” to my embed code att.

Lastly, I added my cms field ( swticher ) to embed code.

Despite these actions, the function doesn’t seem to be working properly. Could anyone shed some light on where I might be going wrong? Any suggestions or insights would be highly appreciated. If more information is needed, I’ll be more than happy to provide it.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Best regards

hey @olegrij90! Can you please share a read-only link?

@Support-Luis sure :slight_smile:

Hey @olegrij90! It seems your identifiers are not matching. Can you please make sure the HTML embed has the same identifier as the checkbox?

@Support-Luis same issue :frowning:

I am not sure if we can have special characters as the value for these fields :sweat_smile:

Can we try using some English identifiers?

Uh oh - I believe I am having this same issue. The filters without the ampersand work while the ones with the ampersand do not.
My problem is that I can’t change the name of these because they are external data. Is there anything I can do?

hey @evan! The filters seem to work on my end. Did you do anything to make them work?