Help with CMS Nest for Multi-Image Fields

Hi there,

I’d really appreciate some support on how to use CMS Nest to display multi-images from collections as I haven’t found a clear answer anywhere yet, and I’m running into issues :sweat:

On my “Film” page, I’m trying to set it up so the grid displays images from the Multi-Image Field for each collection item in the “Film” collection. My intention is to also use CMS Combine and Filter, but wanted to make sure the CMS Nest works for now. So far I’ve tried using CMS Nest Option #1 to try and make this work.

Thanks in advance!

Here is the read-only.

Hey @freddiehawes96! I would advise we wait for the release of Attributes V2, I just tried this setup with V1 and could not get it working.

V2 seems to be more straightforward with more styling options.

We are very close to the release of this update :slight_smile:

Thanks Luis, waiting eagerly :grin: