CMS Nest using Multi-Image

Hello, I have been trying to resolve this problem of connecting a multi-image field to be used in CMS Nest. Is there anyway someone can show me how to use a Collection with a

Essentially I am trying to solve for having multiple of these instances on the page simultaneously:

Services Collection (Filter: Hair)
Multi-Image Field (Showcase)


Services Collection (Filter: Nails)
Multi-Image Field (Showcase)

How would you set that up and where would the attributes go, because every time i try to put in the link block for ‘Current Services’ in the hidden ‘nest source’ the link block can only select the Purple Page Icon with no actual selection…

This might not make sense or is hard to read, but if anyone can show me how to accomplish multiple multi-image fields in a “current collection page”, or how to set that up? I have tried almost every method of nesting and nothing has worked

If any mods, or experts can help me or offers billable services for this fix, please reach out to me here!

hey @sage!
I’m afraid CMS Nest is not intended to work on collection template pages!

You could also try to set up option #2 as this does not require fetching any external data