Trouble with CMS Nest - Multi-Image

I’m having trouble using the CMS Nesting attributes.

I have tried to follow all of the steps but for some reason, the multi-image field that I’m using to connect, doesn’t show the correct service.

The IDENTIFIER I’m using is: Showcase

Here is the read-only: Webflow - de Sanchez Website

Sorry for the poor naming/code lol… but for some reason it is not coming out correct even thought the template page is correct.

can anyone help with this? can you muse a multi-image field from a collection and have it propagate with the “current page”

Hey @sage! Could you please share a published link?

the items im speaking about are listed under the “services menu”. They are communicating with eachother all up to the point of the correct “current page”

Hey @sage I see you are trying to nest a list with a nested list, can you try recreating this layout? → CMS Nest inside CMS Nest | Attributes

Before moving into the multi-image nesting please make sure the nesting is being completed as expected