How to use a custom profile picture for a Google Workspace (G Suite) group?

We are using mailing groups like info@, accounting@ or support@, so we can send and receive mails without paying for another user, that is not really a user.

The thing is that we can’t find a way so that our logo is displayed in the mail clients like Gmail for example. Instead all we see is the first letter of the mail on a colored background.

We noticed that finsweet is using the google servers as well and is sending the finsweet+ mails from “” which has a profile picture.

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Is there anything we don’t know?

So far we found out that you can create a google account before creating your Google Workspace. If your mail had a picture before, it will show. Later on you are not able to create a new google account with your companies domain outside of Google Workspace anymore.

Another option we found was to use BIMI. But this costs $1.500 - $3.700 a year and is not really worth it.

I published an feature idea in Google’s forum already 1.5 years ago but nothing happened yet. Here you can vote for it: Sign In to Google Cloud Community - Google Cloud Community

Hey @vierless_julian! As far as I know, there is no special setup.

In my case, I’ve set my Google profile picture to the logo here →

You should be able to do this to all the extra accounts you are using :slight_smile:

Yes, this is what I have access to as well. The thing is as soon as you want to add an image to a group (not a user) it is not possible anymore. Only if you created an account before creating your Workspace.