Importing HTML Table in CMS Rich Text field

Does anyone know how to import CMS rich text content that has HTML tables?

A sample export shows that Webflow skips the “HTML Embed” element added to the Rich Text field. And a direct HTML table syntax content addition via either CSV or the API results in the table getting messed up.

Any other way to import and make tables work in Rich Text fields in CMS?

Tried the Powerful Rich Text attribute solution, but that only has option to preserve HTML for a single line. There’s no multi-line HTML preservation option. And putting the entire table content into a single-line would be a nightmare for the client to edit later on.

Any suggestions?

Hey @parasshah195 I am afraid there is no current Finsweet solution for this :confused:

Any plans to implement multi-line HTML tagging with a start and end HTML comment in Powerful Rich Text?

Not at the moment but I can always add this as a suggested feature

Thank you, Luis

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@parasshah195 - this might be a bit hacky and totally ignore me if this sounds stupid – BUT, you could potentially build the tables as static components and use the Powerful Rich Text to bring in the right component?

Is there a way to like in the past to take components from other pages? @Support-Luis

I used this in the past. But it is not in the docs anymore.

Hey @Chris1! Do you mean for Powerful Rich text? You can insert external elements like this!

More info can be found inside the Rich Text dropdown on the docs :wink: